How to Buy $HUNNY on PancakeSwap


    Have a BSC Wallet
    Have BNB in your BSC Wallet for the gas fee
    Have another token to trade for HUNNY in your BSC Wallet (e.g. BNB)

1) You can buy $HUNNY from the PancakeSwap here: PancakeSwap

Connect your wallet to start

2) Connect your BSC wallet

Choose your external wallet to start

3) Choose the amount of BNB you want to spend on $HUNNY. It will tell you how much $HUNNY it is worth.

4) Confirm the gas fees and the final amount to pay.

5) You have received $HUNNY in your BSC Wallet

You may choose to start staking in PancakeHunny HUNNY HIVE
Last modified 3mo ago